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The Only Publication Devoted to “The Voices of the Industrial Revolution”
and Related Technologies

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Horn & Whistle is the quarterly journal of the Horn and Whistle Enthusiasts' Group© (HWEG) founded by Jack Hardman in 1982. HWEG is dedicated to the preservation, increase, and ongoing dissemination of knowledge regarding horns, whistles, sirens, bells and other acoustic devices used in signaling and warning applications in industrial, municipal, maritime and railroad environments.

The cost of an annual subscription (four issues on-line as a downloadable PDF) is $10.00 per year anywhere in the world where the Internet is available, payable in U. S. funds. Subscriptions are accepted for periods up to three years. Horn & Whistle does not have a unified editorial office. Click the "people" link above for publishing and editorial personnel. The editors earnestly solicit correspondence, articles, reports, technical data, memoirs, photographs, and other materials suitable for publication.

For more detailed guidelines, see the information for contributors here. The editors reserve the right to revise or reject submitted materials as their editorial judgment suggests.

Submissions will not be returned unless specifically requested by the sender and an appropriate postpaid return envelope is provided. Entire contents ©2016 by the Horn & Whistle Enthusiasts Group. All rights reserved.

picture of diaphone, steam engine, pipe organ and steam whistle

From Corliss steam engines to steam whistles, diaphones, bells, sirens, pipe organs and lots more, Horn & Whistle Magazine has it all!

Here above are a few pictures from articles that have appeared in recent issues of this one-of-a-kind publication that began in 1982 and has continued to provide information about industrial acoustic signaling devices and also other related technology ever since.

Click the articles link above to read some actual articles from the publication, and then go to the subscribe link, because if you are interested in these subjects, you won't want to be without Horn & Whistle.

H & W is an on-line publication in PDF format so you can easily download entire issues to your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. We used to print paper hardcopies but we are now almost exclusively an on-line publication. Save your money by getting the on-line version for less than HALF the price of the previous paper editions, and the on-line editions frequently have extra material that could not be included in the paper hardcopy version. On line issues also may contain links to other articles or publications of interest, or to suitable and relevant audio clips and/or videos that relate to our interests. As you can see by the above pictures, diaphone horns, reciprocating steam engines, really big pipe organs and steam whistles are just some of the topics that we frequently feature in this publication.

Here's the cover of the newest issue of H&W, and YOU can be reading this issue in less than 3 minutes!  Click anywhere on the picture of the new issue front cover below to subscribe.

Front cover of issue 149

Get the latest sales and prices of signaling devices, hot collectibles.

Where can you find steam whistles and air horns for sale, swap, trade?

Want to build your own steam whistle? We have plans and diagrams.

Find out how our horn editor, Ken Kanne, a true metalworking artist, repairs and restores locomotive air horns and more in our Horn Doctor feature.

Do you love the art and music of mechanical devices? Then Horn & Whistle is for you! Don't miss the next quarterly issue.

Come to a Horn & Whistle Concert! Several times a year, we hold our famous "Concerts," our horn honks and whistle blows. We rent boilers, air compressors and sometimes even a complete locomotive. We've been known to take over a railroad facility. (With permission, of course.) Our subscribers bring everything from lighthouse foghorns to antique factory whistles. When we let go, we REALLY have a blast and make many fine, like-minded friends. Be sure to attend our next Horn & Whistle "concert" near you. Of course we announce it in Horn & Whistle, and we'll also list it in the upcoming events page of this site.