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Contact forms update. We have just completed another upgrade of all of the various contact and subscription forms on the Horn & Whistle website. They have all been tested and are fully operational as of 3 10 18. Please note also that have now effectively discontinued the production of paper hardcopies of Horn & Whistle. All subscriptions going forward will be the on-line e-zine version. The costs of paper publishing are increasing, and there are so many advantages both to you as a subscriber and me as publisher that further continuation of paper hardcopies is no longer financially practical. We are still going to produce a limited number of paper copies for certain existing subscribers but not going to accept any additional paper subscriptions any longer. Click here for full details of this major change to this publication.

To subscribe, click this link which will bring you to our secure subscription form. Fill out the required information including that for your credit card and click the submitting button. Within a minute or so, your subscription will have started and the latest issue and instructions how to get it will appear in place of the form that you just completed. Please note the password that we send along with the location of the new issue as you will need that password whenever you open the new issue.


Note that when you access the on-line ordering form, you should see a padlock icon somewhere on your screen which indicates that the site is secured by a 128 bit SSL certificate. This is also indicated by the "https" designation at the start of the subscribing form web address. We do not store your CC information in any of our databases nor do we ever supply any of your subscription information to any other business or mailing list brokers.

Alternative Payment Option If you do not like to make on-line payments using a credit or ATM debit card on-line, you may get Horn & Whistle by postal mailing your name, address, telephone number and a check or money order made out to "Horn and Whistle," (specify number of years) to the publisher. Do not make checks out to Eric Larson! To get a subscription form that you can print out for your convenience, click this link: Printable Subscription Form

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NOTE: If you are an existing subscriber and wish to convert right now from the paper subscription to the new "E-Zine" version, click this link Convert Subs to E-zine from paper  and follow the instructions.

NOTE 2: If you have purchased an E-zine subscription but are unable to download the current issue, please click this link "I need current E-zine" and fill out the brief form that appears. We will send you information on how to obtain the newest issue within 24 hours or sooner.

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