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The Only Publication Devoted to “The Voices of the Industrial Revolution”
and Related Technologies

From Corliss steam engines to steam whistles, diaphones, bells, sirens, pipe organs and lots more, Horn & Whistle Magazine has it all!

Here are a few pictures from articles that have appeared in recent issues of this one-of-a-kind publication that began in 1982 and has continued to provide information about industrial acoustic signaling devices and also other related technology ever since.

Click the articles link above to read some actual articles from the publication, and then go to the subscribe link, because if you are interested in these subjects, you won't want to be without Horn & Whistle.

For your convenience, H&W is now also available as an on-line publication in PDF format so you can easily download entire issues to your PC. Save your money by getting the on-line version for less than HALF the price of the paper edition, and the on-line editions frequently have extra material not included in the paper hardcopy version.

*Steam whistles are very desirable collectibles. Find out why and where to get one.

*Did you know that the typical loud horns on modern trains are worth up to $1000? We keep you up to date on what's hot, what's upcoming, and sources.

*Some steam whistles have sold for over $10,000 on eBay. Where can you get one before they skyrocket in price?

*Did you know that the Chrysler Corp once made sirens that required a 180 HP gas engine to drive them and that they could be heard up to 50 miles away?

*Horn & Whistle is packed with specific information like this from our worldwide sources and experts.

*Do you like steam power and steam technology? Lots of folks do! Horn & Whistle takes you to normally off-limits power plants, pumping stations and other steam powered facilities with professional articles packed with detail.

*Who makes steam whistles, sirens and air horns today?

*Where would you go to get a set of genuine railroad locomotive air horns?

Come to a Horn & Whistle Concert! Several times a year, we hold our famous "Concerts," our horn honks and whistle blows. We rent boilers, air compressors, maybe even a complete locomotive. We've been known to take over a railroad facility. (With permission, of course.) Our subscribers bring everything from lighthouse foghorns to antique factory whistles. When we let go, we REALLY have a blast and make many fine, like-minded friends. Be sure to attend our next Horn & Whistle "concert" near you. Of course we announce it in Horn & Whistle, and we'll also list it in the upcoming events page of this site.

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