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Contact forms update. We have just completed another upgrade of all of the various contact and subscription forms on the Horn & Whistle website. They have all been tested and are fully operational as of 3 26 17. We also encourage you to take full advantage of our on-line E-zine version of H&W. It costs less and has more color, features and content than the paper hardcopy version. And perhaps this is the biggest plus of all: we complete and distribute the on-line version much earlier than the paper version, and sometimes we add extra material or supplementary information and articles not included in the paper hardcopies. So these are definitely advantageous things to consider when you decide which type of subscription you prefer.—H&W publisher.

We have three ways to subscribe. The current cost of a printed subscription is $27.50 in USA, $27.50 in Canada, and $35.00 in all other countries for a one year subscription. Deluxe paper subscription is $75.00 per year USA and CANADA only. Subscriptions are accepted for up to three years. All USA subscriptions are mailed first class. The current cost for the On-line subscription (E-zine version) remains unchanged at $10.00 per year, anywhere in the world.

Option 1. You can subscribe to the printed version of Horn & Whistle on line and pay by credit card. Click below where it says "Click Here to Subscribe," next paragraph. This will bring you to a secured page with a subscription form. (Notice near the top of your screen in the address bar for that form that the page address starts out with "https" which indicates a secured page.)

Fill out all of the required information. When you have completed the form, then hit the "submit" button below the form and that's it. You will receive the newest issue of H&W by first class mail within two weeks. Click Here to Subscribe

Option 2. Renew Paper Subscription. If you are renewing an existing printed subscription, use this link: Renew Existing hardcopy subscription

You may subscribe on line and pay by credit card with the complete confidence that your information is being sent to Horn & Whistle on a secure system. Note that when you access the on-line ordering form, you'll see the padlock icon in the lower right corner of your screen which indicates that the site is secured by a 128 bit SSL certificate which is also indicated by the "https" designation at the start of the subscribing form web address. We do not store your CC information in any of our databases nor do we ever supply any of your subscription information to any other business or mailing list brokers.

NOTE: If you opt for automatic renewal of your subscription, then our credit card processing service will store your CC information in their secure encrypted database.

Option 3. You may get Horn & Whistle by postal mailing your name, address, telephone number and a check or money order made out to "Horn and Whistle," (specify number of years) to the publisher. Do not make checks out to Eric Larson! To get a subscription form that you can print out for your convenience, click this link: Printable Subscription Form

Option 4." E-zine version. You may now subscribe to Horn & Whistle and receive it electronically as a downloadable PDF if you wish to save it in your computer, or make a CD or print a paper copy for yourself. The electronic subscription is just $10.00 per year (four issues) and may include live links, animations and sound clips as necessary. To subscribe to the on-line version (E-zine), use this link to go to our special secure form for the on-line version. Get E-zine 

Option 5. E-zine Renewal. To renew an existing E-zine subscription and pay by credit card, click Renew E-Zine Subscription

CHANGED YOUR POSTAL OR E-MAIL ADDRESS? If you've recently moved or got a new e-mail provider, please take a minute to let us know. Just click on the words CHANGE ADDRESS, and you'll get a simple, easy form to complete. Once you do that, you'll be all set, and we'll use the new address for all future mailings. Please do this if you have recently moved. If not, you may miss out entirely on an issue, or at the least you'll get it a lot later than you would otherwise.

NOTE: If you are an existing subscriber and wish to convert from the paper subscription to the new "E-Zine" version, click this link Convert Subs to E-zine from paper  and follow the instructions.

NOTE 1: If you are an existing "E-zine" subscriber and wish to convert to the PAPER copies, click this link:  Convert Subs to Paper from E-zine 

NOTE 2: If you have purchased an E-zine subscription but are unable to download the current issue, please click this link "I need current E-zine" and fill out the brief form that appears. We will send you information on how to obtain the newest issue within 24 hours or sooner.

Special Gift Subscription Idea

Want to give a friend a nice gift? How about a subscription to Horn & Whistle magazine? If you're puzzling over what to give a friend who likes interesting technology, railroads, steam engines, or other related subjects, why not give him or her a subscription to Horn & Whistle magazine?

Read “option 1,” above. Then click here Subscribe. Complete the credit card payment information on the form as required. At the bottom of the form, you'll find a handy box where you can type in your friend's name and address. Click the "submit" button. Within ten days, your friend will get the first issue of the subscription. And just think, you won't have to do any gift-wrapping! (Or spend hours shopping either, and let's face it guys. Do you really enjoy shopping and gift-wrapping???)

Thank you very much for visiting the Horn & Whistle magazine web site. We hope to welcome you aboard as a subscriber. Sign up now and receive the first hardcopy issue of your subscription within the next week to ten days, or subscribe to the on-line version and save both time and money. And, you'll be reading H&W within a couple of minutes!