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When you subscribe to Horn & Whistle Magazine, you also become a member of the Horn and Whistle Enthusiasts' Group. We do not share ANY address or contact information that you submit to us with any other business, similar group or send it to any advertising agencies or otherwise disseminate in any manner the contact information that you send to us, with this one exception. If you allow it, we will include your name and address on our HWEG membership list which we sell to other HWEG members so that you may contact each other; however we do not sell or otherwise distribute this list to any other individuals.

If you use our on-line forms to pay for either a subscription, back issues, CDs or even items on our "For Sale" pages, we likewise do not share that information either. All credit card information is deleted as soon as we have submitted the credit card information to our credit card processing vendor, with one exception as noted below. All e-mail contact forms which involve the use of a credit card for any and all payments to Horn & Whistle Magazine or the HWEG have a security certificate attached which means that information that you submit on these payment forms can not be accessed by others.


If, when subscribing for either paper copies or the E-zine version, you opt for automatic subscription renewal using your credit card, then in this one instance, we will have our credit card vendor store your CC information in its secure, protected database. This information is only accessible to the Horn & Whistle publisher and requires a complex alpha-numeric password for retrieval. If you do not choose automatic subscription renewal, then we delete your CC information as soon as we have submitted it to our CC vendor and they indicate that they have approved the payment.

—H & W Publisher

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